Guitar Styles

electric guitar

General topics covered for all styles

Picking and strumming techniques.

Reading notation and guitar tablature.

Scale and chord construction.

Specialist styles - Electric Guitar

Blues guitar - blues/pentatonic scales, blues progressions, 7th and 9th chords, bends, vibrato etc.

Rock and Pop Guitar - major/minor chords and scales, fingerboard harmony, arpeggios, popular rhythms, effects useage etc.

Funk Guitar - breakdown of rhythms, specialist chords, focus on significant artists.

Jazz Guitar - advanced chords, fingerboard harmony (CAGED system), relevant scales, common chord progressions, jazz blues, jazz standards taught.

Specialist styles - Acoustic Guitar

Blues and Ragtime Guitar - fingerpicking, open tunings, well known pieces, etc.

Celtic, British Isles Guitar - Irish, Scottish, Welsh tunes, open tunings, specialist time signatures (e.g 12/8, 9/8).

Pop and Folk Guitar - travis picking, music of popular artists, focus on correct strumming techniques..