Fender electric guitar

About Chris

Discovering a passion for music in his teens, Chris began to build a career in performing and teaching music. Chris worked at the Auckland Rock Shop for seven years, selling a wide variety of musical instruments and equipment, and played electric guitar in rock and pop cover bands. Chris also played in the originals band 'Road to Amber', who released an EP in 1994. In the late 90's Chris's guitar work could also be heard on a number of radio jingles.

In the late 90's Chris became interested in folk music and formed Celtic folk music band Lothlorien. After building a home studio in 1998, the group recorded an album 'Greenwood Side', which won the New Zealand Music Award for Folk Album of the Year in 2000. The Lothlorien tracks proved very successful on, and the band performed live at many folk festivals and on 'The Good Morning Show' on TV. In 2003 Lothlorien played at the 'Return of the Ringers' party in Wellington, celebrating the release of one of the 'Lord of the Rings' movies.

Chris had done some private guitar teaching over the years, and around this time Chris began teaching seriously in his home studio, building up his teaching business, as well as engineering albums for friends and acquaintances, mostly through the folk music scene. Through the mid 2000s Chris was also playing electric guitar in several cover bands.

From 2008 until 2011, in addition to teaching privately, Chris taught guitar in a number of local primary schools for music franchise 4Front School Of Guitar (now Musiqhub), teaching hundreds of children during that time. Since then, Chris has focused on teaching privately at his home studio, with a solid roster of electric and acoustic guitar students.